Stunning living room ideas

A cozy space to sit back and relax, welcoming you to bond with your loved ones, a living room offers you so many things. It is also the room that reflects your lifestyle. Hence, it must be designed with a lot of care. To make your task easier, here are a few living room décor ideas that you can use.

It all begins with the furniture

The look of the living room is determined mainly by the furniture you use. A sofa, center table, maybe a few potted plants and chosen décor items on the table or the mantle- this is the basic idea for decorating the living room. Keeping the basics in mind, we have come a long way. Today, you will find sofas in variant sizes and shapes. Center tables come in interesting materials and décor items can be anything between classic, quirky, bohemian or contemporary. So, you have a wide range to choose from.

Remember, the availability of space will determine the furniture you can place in your living room. A simple center table in white can do the trick in a colorful living room. For a contemporary look, choose a sofa set with fabric upholstery in single or printed designs. Sofas in rich leather never lose appeal. You have to pair it with interesting upholstery and throw pillows to create a charming look.

Choose the color palette

Every year, a few colors trend in the fashion world. Different shades of violet are trending now. To make your living room look trendy, use violet in upholstery, or curtains or even on the walls. Keep it minimum for a better impact. A good example of using violet is a living room primarily in white with throw pillows in violet. It looks stylish and warm.

A mix and match of colors will also make a living room stand out. A contemporary living room with simple furniture will look stunning with the right use of colors. Throw pillows in different designs, a vibrant painting on the wall and interesting use of orange on the white door – the space looks so cool and bright.

Use a statement piece

Interesting use of a few elements will make any space look outstanding. A towering lampshade can be the focal point of a room. A low-lying center table with a candle can grab the attention also.

Make your living room comfortable with the right amount of light. Make it feel airy with cotton curtains. Use rich carpets or rugs to welcome your guests. Use interestingly shaped vases with fresh flowers to give it a natural touch.

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