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We all have dreamy expectations and plans while we design our homes. It is our personal space and we all wish each detail fabricated immaculately. There are a lot of modern and unique options available these days for everything but when it comes to decor and lighting, nothing can beat the beauty of an old-world antique charm. There is something about vintage architecture and designs that continue to entice us even today.

Modern as well as colonial architecture relies heavily on the use of beautiful and articulately designed lamps and shades. Lighting is a very important feature in homes, offices, restaurants etc as it imparts the warmth in the ambience and accentuates the interiors of the place. Lighting is used to create a distinct aura for the place of residence, work, worship etc. It simply illuminates and brightens up the space.
Lamp shades are like eyes for your home as you can literally peek into each detail around with the beautiful lighting that gleams through the shades.

Let us get acquainted to Frandsen lighting, which is Danish company founded by Benny Frandsen who is a passionate businessman, engineer and a visionary. He has won many international design awards for lamp designs over the years.

His company Frandsen lighting has been designing, producing and selling lamps since 1968. Ever since the 60s, Frandsen lighting has been a true standard of what home lighting should look and feel like and to this day, this retro touch can still be cherished. This company is truly a name to reckon with when it comes to luxury home lighting solutions.

Over the years, Frandsen group has become a conglomerate and caters to a wide array of tasteful lifestyle solutions. They clearly state in their website that “Frandsen Retail A/S develops and sells design products within lighting for people who consider taste more important than price”. It is important for us to design lamps in beautiful materials, and to make sure that our products are signalling quality and taste.
This goes on to show how quality and detail is paramount in their work. Their attention to detail is what makes them a pioneer in their field of work.

The company that began in Denmark in 1961, for the sole purpose of developing lamp shades has come a long way since then. Frandsen lighting acquired Verpan in 2004 and has since then foraged into rugs and furniture as well.

Frandsen Lighting Catalogue & Designs

For all those who are in the midst of constructing or designing their homes or offices or anything else can really garner a lot of useful information regarding lighting solutions from here. Frandsen lighting has a huge variety of designer lighting solutions which includes


Table lamps

Floor lamps

wall lamps

Ceiling lights

There are many more types and their varieties are now available online. They come in various beautiful and handy shapes and sizes.

Pinterest and other informative social media channels are rife with Frandsen’s references and products making it hands-down the best lighting solution that you can deploy for bedazzling your space. It is aptly suitable for those for whom quality knows no substitutes.

Frandsen Lighting Prices

It’s distinctive appeal and lucid attention to detail is bound to make heads turn as soon as someone enters your space. The price range for its products start from around 40 pounds and up. The products are not towards the cheaper end as the quality and design are commendable. There are a lot many cheaper options available but the quality and class of Frandsen lighting just cannot be replicated.

The products are truly worth the price as the designs are so articulate and mesmerising. They have soft, subtle designs for personal spaces like bedrooms and head turners for lounges, lobbies and waiting areas. There is something for everybody.

With their signature domed lampshade look, Frandsen focuses on using quality metals in a variety of neutral tones to suit any interior design style. In addition to its ball lamps, Frandsen’s award winning line of glass pendant lamps and wall scones give the collection an eclectic yet put together feel. The designs pivot around a modern yet a very vintage Danish design theme.

Their extensive knowledge and expertise for their craft surely translates into their products and designs. Their products are available across all leading portals. They are the most suited for home decor as their products spell ease, luxury and elegance. This year marks their 50th anniversary and their recent catalogue is spellbinding and is a must to be gone through before you choose lighting for your space. The sheer number of options, textures and materials is good enough to dazzle and amaze you completely.
So, go ahead, take a look and be genuinely spoilt for choice. Their signature domed lampshade is a definite must have!

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